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Views  Comments By: Admin  08 Sep 2021

What is embroidery digitizing?

Embroidery digitizing is embroidery software to create a machine embroidery design file with a series of instructions that tell your embroidery machine how to stitch out that design. Today we are living in digital world.

Every process is digitized, so embroidery digitized also. The multi-needle embroidery machines are suitable to stitch a pattern on various cloths in a row. Ultimately, the process has increased productivity in low costs.  In past embroidery was done by hand and it required a lot of time. But on this time embroidery have taken a special place.

When an image is loaded onto embroidery digitizing software, each of the different colour areas can be changed into stitch types separately. This can be done by separating the colour areas and digitizing them one by one or by digitizing the entire graphic so that the colours blend nicely into one another most embroidery machines have software of their own permitting us to control their functions while reading instructions from a file that has been digitized.

Embroidery digitizing used for many purposes like business, casual, and personal use. We offer custom apparel and accessories with any design, for more casual or personal use, the digitizing software may be less expensive and complex.

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