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Machine Embroidery Designs

Custom Embroidery Digitizing

We are offering custom digitizing services.Using latest digitizing software, our designs are hand crafted in order to provide you with high-quality detailed designs. Our logos use approx 15% less stitching then more common digitizing methods uses by digitizer. We do not use any automated software all hand digitized file that save your time and money and improving quality. This technique results in small text second to none in the embroidery industry.

Embroidery Designs for Embroidery Machine

We have a lot of embroidery design digital files for all embroidery machines. All formats available here like Tajima DST Melco exp,CND Compucon xxx Janome/Elna/Kenmore Jef Husqvarna Viking/Pfaff vp3 Husqvarna/ Viking HUS Deco/Brother/Babylock pes. All the listed machine embroidery designs pattern and appliques are tested by our digitizer team and available for instant download in a digital file format such as DST, PES, JEF, XXX, EXP, HUS, VIP, VP3 after payment are done.

Embroidery Digitizing Order process

  • Please complete the form and send your digitizing request with all details like size,format,color etc.
  • As soon as possible, we will back to you with price and turn around time.
  • After confirmation we will send you payment request link via paypal as soon we got paid,your order will proceed.
  • Our normal turnaround time or time frame are 4-24 hours,if there are any rush order,please mention it when you placing your order.If you are not getting your digitized file back within 24 hours, please write us an e-mail.
  • We are working indian Time 11am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday.So, please refer to india time if you are placing any urgent order.
  • If you have any doute regarding embroidery digitizing just wirite us at info@embkhazana.com

The Benefits of Choosing Machine Embroidery Design Providers

Creating embroidered designs on the cloths is a skill that humans use to master through rigorous practices. However, technology has changed many things and made various tasks easier for humans. The embroidery machines have arrived to eliminate manual embroidery process. The machine embroidery design can serve bulk embroidery assignments in a small period. Moreover, it brings more accuracy in embroidery designs. Clothing manufacturers can choose a machine embroidery service provider for a cost-effective embroidery solution. EMB Khazana offers customized machine embroidery solution at the most affordable budget. Machine embroidery has many other benefits, which have been discussed in the following section.

Maintaining Uniformity in Each Garment

Manual embroidery does not ensure accuracy for a set of garments that will feature similar designs. Only a few highly skilled and seasoned embroidery experts can render an accurate solution in such cases. But, you may still notice some dissimilarity between the embroidery works on a set of garments. Machine embroidery design eliminates this problem and maintains top-notch accuracy in creating similar embroidery works on a set of garments. Therefore, all garments in a particular set look similar. T-shirt and jersey manufacturing companies need a machine embroidery service for this reason.

Zero Errors in Designs

Even a seasoned embroidery expert may commit mistakes when handling bulk assignments. Since the job requires coordination between hand and eye, losing focus can lead to small mistakes. The mistakes may not be apparent on the first look, though you can easily identify them if you look the design closely. Moreover, the embroidery service providers hire multiple workers to cope with bulk assignments. The skills vary from one worker to another, and mistakes can commonly happen due to inexperience or a lack of skill. Machine embroidery eliminates such problems and ensures error-free designs. You will find a single error if you choose a professional machine embroidery design service provider.

Lesser Time, Higher Quantity

Manual embroidery is a time-consuming process, and mistakes will be too frequent if there is a time constraint. Machine embroidery can reduce the time, as it performs bulk embroidery in a small period. As a result, the machine delivers a higher production in a small period. Eventually, it benefits both service seekers and providers. EMB Khazana deploys advanced techniques for a quick and hassle-free machine embroidery solution.

Low-Budget Embroidery Solution

Traditional embroidery is costly due to a limited availability of skilled embroidery workers. A person takes many years to acquire the embroidery skill and render professional solutions. Therefore, it is natural that the person would seek a high compensation of its services. Hiring multiple workers for handling a project also increases the cost. A machine can enhance speed and productivity. Most importantly, it can reduce the cost eliminating human skills from the process. Therefore, a machine embroidery design service provider can render a low-budget solution.

Get Any Design Done on the Clothes

Human skill and creativity are limited, but machine does not have a limit. A job that humans find difficult to perform is simple to the machines. Clothing manufacturers can get the most complex embroidery designs done on the clothes with embroidery machine. You can choose any design to create attractive ranges of clothing materials.

EMB Khazana is a leading machine embroidery design service provider. The company provides low-budget embroidery designs ensuring top-notch design accuracy. Nevertheless, it handles bulk requirements in a small time. The company is compatible with machine embroidery formats such as DST, PES, JEF, XXX, EXP, HUS, VIP, VP3, etc.